Friday, 22 April 2011

Quotation Of The Week – The Key To Successful Sports Speculation!

First a quick reminder of what the ‘Quotation Of The Week’ award is all about:

The idea is simple: Every time I find a quotation that I think will add real value for my blogs readers, I will bookmark it and put it on my list to be the: Quotation of the Week.

I will then write a post similar to this one explaining why I have decided on that particular weeks Quotation.

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My Quotation of the week award will be posted every Friday.

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This week’s winner of my ‘Quotation of the week award is:

Skills are cheap, passion is priceless.

Best Selling Author Gary Vaynerchuk

I have been waiting to use this quote as my quotation of the week for quite awhile now and I am really pleased that I have finally got round to posting it.

Regular readers of my blog may be a little bemused by me choosing it because as a rule I am constantly banging on about the need to keep our emotions in check so as to remain calm, disciplined and patient in our approach to sports speculation.  I also constantly write about the need to learn the skills necessary to become successful.

This quote appears to advise the complete opposite of the above, so why have I chosen it?

To me the passion described within the quote is not the hot headed highly emotional type of passion that springs to mind, it is a slow burning unstoppable desire to achieve what we set out to achieve, it is the engine that drives us on when we are exhausted or hit a big setback (read Big Loss). It is also the force that drives us to learn the skills necessary to become what we want to become, to do the boring administration work that needs to be done, to spend the hours poring over statistics etc

In other words it is our emotional compass that keeps us moving in the direction of our goals.

With regards to the first part of the quotation  that says that skills are cheap; I believe it is correct, if you have enough passion of the type that I have described then you will do what it takes to acquire the necessary skills.

For example you may have always struggled with mathematics and think that you could never learn the maths skills involved in sports speculation; well I firmly believe that if you have enough passion to become a successful sports speculator,  you will do what it takes to ensure that you do indeed learn the necessary maths skills, I am not saying that you will not have any setbacks or times where you think it is impossible, of course you will. What I am saying is that if you have enough burning passion of the type I have discussed then you will overcome those challenges and reach your goals.

I hope you have enjoyed this post
Stay patient

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