Sunday, 10 April 2011

Pst!! Do You Want To Know A Secret? I’ve Joined the SBC!

My blogs regular readers will know by now that I put as much emphasis’ on improving my education with regards to sports speculation as I do on being profitable. Basically I believe that the more educated I become about the different aspects of my chosen pursuit then as a natural consequence the profits that I make will improve accordingly.

I am constantly on the lookout for new sources of quality information whether it is a new blog, forum or other type of site or service.

During my travels around the blogosphere, especially those blogs dealing with running a portfolio of tipsters there was one service that kept being mentioned. The services name is Secret Betting Club(SBC).

I wanted to get to know more about the service so I asked Rowan from the Portfolio Investor blog whether he would recommend them. As usual he did not let me down, he massively exceeded my expectations by writing not one but three posts on the subject, he even managed to get Mike, one of the guys who run the service, to give his reply to issues that had been raised by a disgruntled commenter.

The links to the three posts are here:

After reading those three posts and reading Rowans final words in his reply to me:

“The original poster, Mark, wanted to know if I would recommend he join the SBC and if so why. Well, Mark, yes I would recommend you join, the reason being that by doing so, you will become a better investor. Does there really need to be another reason?”

I decided that I was going to join.

Well I now have a year’s membership of the Secret betting club and although I have only had chance to skim the surface of the mass of resources available to its members, I believe that I have found a gem of a free report on there that I know will easily make me more money than the cost of the yearly subscription. The report is called: Winning On 16 Runner Handicap Races.

I knew immediately that if I use the information given in that report I am bound to profit in the medium to long term. How could I be so sure? Well I like maths and the maths of the bets recommended in the report will guarantee that each bet that I place using this method will contain value.

I can’t disclose more than that, because it would not be fair to the Secret Betting Club or its members, But I was so impressed by the method that I am going to include it in my Porfolio Lite ( that is how confident I am)

As I delve further into the recesses of the Secret Betting Club I will report back on here if I find more information that I think will benefit my blogs readers.

I hope you have enjoyed this post

Stay Patient


  1. Hi Mark,

    Sounds interesting. It is good to see what is available and specifically those things that catch your eye. Another additional to Portfolio Lite. Even more excitement.


  2. Hi Jason

    Thanks for the comment

    There is so much junk out there today masquerading as quality information that it can be difficult to sort the real gems out, that's why I was so pleased that Rowan did recommend the SBC.

    With regards to the new addition to my portfolio lite, it just fits so well with my free eachway tips.

    Thanks again


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