Monday, 25 April 2011

My Blog Post Award: Rowleyfile’s Ten Commandments!

First a quick reminder of what the ‘Blog Post Award’ is all about:

The idea is simple: Every time I find a blog post (new or old) that I think will add value for my readers, I will bookmark it and put it on my list to win the: Blog Post Award.

I will then write a post similar to this one explaining why I have decided on that particular post.

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For a full list of previous winners visit my ‘Blog Post Award ’ Page.

Now on to the main event; The winner of my  ‘Blog Post Award’ :

from Jerry’s Best Bets blog.

Jerry has posted a list of ten golden rules of betting that were originally written by a very astute punter by the name of Simon Rowlands who is a regular contributer to the web site.  You can follow Simon on twitter at @Rowleyfile

I won’t steal the thunder from Jerry’s post by posting up all ten rules in full on here, but to give you a flavour of the topics covered,here are the headings for each rule:


Take Responsibility

Fear & Greed


Adapt or Die

Play To Your Strengths

Staking And Money Management

Pace Yourself

Question Recieved Wisdom

There Are Few Golden Rules

As you can see from the list above, all of the headings are issues that I try to address on my blog on a daily basis so I would advise anyone to read Jerry’s post at least once.

I hope you have enjoyed this post.

Stay Patient

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