Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Last Week’s Portfolio Lites Results And News of A New Addition.

You may need to click on the screen shot to see the details clearly

As  I Stated in my post introducing My Portfolio Lite,

I will be posting a weekly report every Wednesday so as to help chart the portfolios progress.
The screen shot at the top of this post is of the week’s performance for all of the tipsters I have added so far. I have also added the performance for my benchmark portfolio of subscription based tipsters of which The Market Examiner service is the first one.

With regards to my Portfolio lite , it was the turn of My Free Eachway Tips to move the portfolio along this week, that is why I like the portfolio approach because last week it was the turn of  JERRY'S BEST BETS to do the honors.

I have added High Class Equine (HCE) because even though they do not normally put a tip up until early May I want to get the structure of my reporting in place before that busy time, also I thought that if anyone was following the tipsters in my portfolio, it will give you ample time to check the High Class Equine (HCE) out.

On the advice of  Rowan my advisor ;-) at the The Portfolio Investor blog I have used completely separate banks for each service so as to limit my exposure if more than one of the tipsters in my portfolio put the same horse up as a selection.

So as not to keep repeating the same information about the staking for each tipster within my portfolio I will be adding a separate page on the blog with all of the details of each tipster, staking and results.

I want to keep these weekly results posts as short and concise as possible but I do want to remind everyone that I have found the next  addition to my portfolio lite, the name of the new addition is  Bechers Brook . I will write a post tomorrow to give more details.

I hope you have enjoyed this post.

Stay patient


  1. It's looking very good. Portfolio Lite is a brilliant concept and I think it will be of interest to many readers.


  2. Hi Jason

    Thanks for you words of encouragement. The beauty of it is that because the tips are effectively free lowers the barrier to entry for a lot of us.

    What I am saying is that I am sure the prospect of running a portfolio of subscription based tipsters can be quite daunting with the amounts of money that need to be involved to cover the costs. I just think that if I show that profits can be made and a bank built up using free (donation based) tipsters, it may encourage others to give it a go.

    Thanks again.


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