Saturday, 2 April 2011

Introducing The Patient Speculation Weekly Roundup.

A lot can happen in a week and by the same token, a lot can be missed in a week, so as much for my benefit as anyone else’s I have decided to start a new weekly post on the blog that will give me the opportunity to highlight what has been happening here in the preceding week.

Initially each weeks post will have the following sections:

Highlight of the week – As the name suggests, my highlight of the week.

Daily Roundup – I will break the week down into summaries each day.

Favourite links – As the title says a list of my favourite links for the week.

I have picked a Saturday as the day to post the weekly roundup because I can hopefully prepare it as the week goes on, so it should be ready with minimum effort on a Saturday evening.(which means that Mrs Patient Speculation should not moan at me for spending too much of my Saturday stuck at the PC!!)

Anyway here is this weeks – Patient Speculation Weekly Roundup.

Highlight of the week
The highlight of the week for me was my portfolio Lite getting off to a flier last Saturday.

Daily Round up

A good day for the portfolio with Easter legend wining at 7/1 and Jerrys Bestbets  very first selection Nideeb winning the winter derby at an advised price of 11/4.

I introduced Rowan (even showed a photo of him)from the Portfolio Investor blog who agreed (Has been press ganged) to be my expert advisor with regards to all matters relating to my Portfolio Lite.

I announced my blog post of the week , which this week was a post from the excellent High Class Equine (HCE) blog, where Jason the blogs author pointed out 10 key points to backing two –years-old winners:

Inspired by the comment of colleague  at work, I wrote a post explaining why I think it is so important to give the psychological aspects of our chosen pursuit enough attention.

Another Winner for my eachway selections with Bonnie Price Blue doing the business at a advised price of 6/1.
I posted the very first weekly report for my portfolio lite and it was a corker with an overall ROI of 18:21% for the week.

On Thursday I announced that I had signed up to my first subscription based tipping service, called The Market Examiner, that although not part of my portfolio lite, will act as a benchmark for what I expect in returns of results and professionalism from my portfolio’s tipsters.

This is one of my favourite times of the week, where I announce my quotation of the week.  After writing these posts I always feel more motivated.

Favourite Links
Rowan from the portfolio investor letting off steam!!
Link to post: Soap Box session

Cassini from the Green All Over blog deciding to charge (I actually believed you for a moment you swine LOL)
Link to post: Blog Changes

The excellent and in depth post by Robert of the Bechers Brook blog which highlighted his ten horses to follow over the flat this season.

Well that just about rounds this week’s Patient Speculation Weekly Roundup post I hope that you enjoyed it.

Stay patient

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