Tuesday, 12 April 2011

I Made A Big Mistake, But I’m Still Happy!

One of the cornerstones of my betting philosophy is the need to plan so as to avoid costly mistakes before they happen, or in other words to try to foresee mistakes before they happen.

Well today I have a confession to make. I made a big mistake by not planning ahead and it could have been very costly.

Here’s what happened:

Two weeks ago a letter came through my door from EON the power company saying that they would be turning the power off for approximately six and a half hours today(see photo below)

Upon receiving the letter I promptly went into action by posting it up on my ‘post it’ board and I wrote a reminder in my diary.

I was not too worried because I have got a (little used) mobile broadband dongle from orange as well as the broadband provided by BT, so I thought I would just use my laptop with the dongle instead of the my PC.

That is where I made my mistake. Today when I woke up sure enough the power was off, but 

I was not worried because I had my contingency in place, or so I thought!
Anyway when it came round to looking at the markets for my eachway tips, I fired up the laptop and there was not enough signal for the mobile broadband!!  I  live in a small village and have never had a great signal but it has always been adequate. I think that when orange joined with T-Mobile the signal for our area must have got worse because my dongle was showing me connected(only just) to T-Mobile!

To cut a long story short, my error of not testing the dongle on a regular basis meant that I was not able to post my eachway tips today.

There is a reason to be cheerful though. In the past some unexpected occurrence such as what happened today could quite easily seen me get annoyed and when I did get access to the internet I could quite easily have tried to take my annoyance out on the sports speculating markets, the outcome being that I made poorly thought out bets or trades which would normally result in a negative profit and loss account for the day.

Today I just used my Iphone to post that there would be no selections today and then went for a run because there was little else I could do.

I suppose what I am saying is that I did make a mistake today but the most important point that I will take out of the day is how I reacted to that mistake, which shows me that I am moving forward in my goal to become a professional sports  speculator.

I hope you have enjoyed this post

Stay Patient

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