Tuesday, 19 April 2011

A Great Day And Quite A Scrap Developing!

At the end of my blog post of the week yesterday I wrote that I have made what I consider to be a radical decision regarding my  portfolio lite and benchmark portfolio and that I would reveal all in a post on the subject today, however two of the big guns in the portfolios had other ideas.

The Market Examiner from the benchmark portfolio of subscription based tipsters and Bechers Brook the leading light in my portfolio Lite, both posted stellar results for the day which I believe merit a post on its own

The Market Examiner posted six selections ranging in price from 9/2 to 7/1. Of the selections one was unplaced, one was placed and FOUR SELECTIONS WON at prices of 6/1, 7/1, 9/2 and 7/1 which has obviously put the Market examiner well in profit for the Month.

The challenge was well and truly down, was any other member of my portfolio up the fight? Well I might have known, up stepped The Bechers brook blog !

Robert the author of the Bechers Brook blog put up four selections. Now Robert would be the first to admit that his first selection did not give his day the most auspicious of starts by REFUSING TO RACE. The second selection ran poorly and did not place.

At that point it looked like we were in for a quiet day, however the very next selection (advised at 10/1) duly trotted up and put the day into a handsome profit, the day was not finished yet though, the final selection (advised at 28/1) was duly backed all the way in to an SP of 7/1 then proceeded to duly make all and WIN.

So just to summarize:  
Two Tipsters
Ten Selections
Six winners at prices of  9/2,   6/1,   7/1,   7/1,   10/1,  28/1

I think you can safely say that yesterday was a good day for my portfolio's, further more you can safely say that there is a  very profitable fight developing between the two current top tipsters in my portfolio.

Getting back to the topic of changes to my portfolio’s I will explain in full tomorrow, that is of course if The Market Examiner and Bechers Brook don’t have a different I idea again!

To follow the Market Examiner on Twitter click on this link:  @MarketExaminer

To follow the Bechers  Brook on Twitter click on this link: @bechersbrook

I hope you have enjoyed this post.

Stay patient


  1. Hi. I have just set up a new blog at: http://http://investmentscalper.blogspot.com/
    Please can I exchange links with you? I have already added your blog to mine. Thank You

  2. Hi Mark,

    To manage six winners from ten selections and at those odds is quite astounding. You would have to search high and low to find anything that comes close. Both tipsters have been in superb form and are a credit to Portfolio Lite.


  3. Mark

    I thought this upcoming announcement about changes meant I was about to be dropped, so I tried that bit harder :-)

  4. Robert

    Not a chance mate LOL

  5. Jason

    Yes, I could not believe my eyes when checking the results! It just goes to show that literally anything can and does happen in this game.


  6. Hi Abu

    Link is added and I will follow your progress with interest.

    Good Luck


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