Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Why I’ll Let The Tap Keep Dripping!

One of my work Colleagues (yes I do have a day job) had heard about my blog and must have given it a good read because he knew all of the main themes and was contemplating following my free each way tips, however I was stopped in my tracks when he said the following:

“Your tips seem like they are doing OK, but I think most people who read your blog really just want tips and methods, not all the psychological stuff. In my opinion you go on to much about things that are not that important, in fact sometimes it becomes irritating like a dripping tap, when you’re constantly harping on about the same things!”

I must admit that it had been very busy at work and felt tired so my defences were a little low and for a moment I thought to myself; is he right? Am I on the wrong track, do I put too much emphasis on the intangible side of sports speculation such as patience, discipline etc.

Well after getting home and having a long refreshing sleep I felt totally different about our earlier conversation.

Firstly I looked at where his perspective was coming from; he is at the most a weekend punter, so he does not take his betting seriously(even though he believes that he does). His research consists of looking through the racing pages of the daily mirror or getting a hot tip from a friend. So to him all of my writing about trying to deal with the psychological pitfalls waiting for the serious sports speculator does not really apply.

Secondly I looked at my past history and how not being able to properly handle the psychology of this pursuit of ours nearly killed my involvement when it had only really just begun. I looked at how my results are showing a definite up trend now and the only tangible reason is because I am working harder on myself than I have ever before. I am still using most of the very same strategies as I used before but this time I am handling them with the iron grip of discipline and patience.

I am not saying that I am making fantastic profits but my profit and loss chart is heading in the right direction, whereas it was only fleetingly so before and that was usually followed by big losses because I would become overconfident.

So what I am saying is that if you are a casual punter looking for profitable tips and methods, then by all means concentrate on the methods that I use and discuss on this blog, however if you want to take your sports speculation seriously, then I believe you should read more of the posts aimed at helping us all cope with the effects of the pressures involved in our chosen field

One of my core beliefs is that in order to succeed at anything you need to have the right attitude so as to develop positive habits. One of the most powerful approaches that I have found to achieving the correct attitude and developing positive habits is to be constantly exposed to right sort of influences.

One thing you can be sure of is that this “dripping tap” will not be turned off any time soon..

I hope you have enjoyed this post

Stay patient


  1. Hi Mark,

    It is fascinating to hear difference people's perspectives of our blogs. I can imagine it must feel quite personal in ways - because blogging takes time, energy and passion. Apart from my family etc I don't really know what people think of my blog :-). Well, aprt from what feedback I get from people who make comments and that isn't too abrasive. The traffic has steadily increased so I must be doing something right. For me, the most enjoyable part of reading your blog is all the insight which you bring and all of those thoughts about self improvement. However, it is always good to listen to others views. People want different things, hey. Many punters just want to see the tip - end of story. It's not as though your selections are difficult to find. The only other alternative is if you have a stand alone page where people can go to and find the tips in their most basic form. It is all about catering for everyone but I would certainly want more than just tips because a blog would become very boring without scratching below the surface. I'm not sure I could cope with people saying things about my blog. It is like someone attacking your pet...lol. Luckily my little pet is an 8 foot gorilla.


  2. Ignore your mate, we don't read for the tips. I don't use them at all. Your insight and approach are what interests me. You could give us your selection criteria and we would often end up with different selections. I question whether your mate appreciates your goal, it's not just the selections and results, it's the journey and self awareness that a blog can allow to grow.

  3. I read your blog but ive never backed a tip, keep it up


  4. Jason/Ray and Average guy.

    Thanks for your words of encouragement.

    I must admit that I did think twice about writing this post but I am really pleased that I did now.

    One thing I have learned is that you cannot please all of the people all of the time and as long as I stay true to my original goals with the blog then I am sure that the majority of people who visit it will find something of value, whether that be my prediction of the winner of the 14:50 at Catterick or something with a little bit more depth and meaning.

    Anyway thanks again for the comments they are much appreciated.



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