Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Why Do Winners Have It So Easy? I think I’ve Found The Answer!

One goal that I have set myself, is to try to work out what kind of qualities, skills, call them what you will; differentiate winners at the art of sports speculation(or life in general) from the rest of us.

Winners seem to have life so easy, everything seems so effortless to them and they always seem to know the answers to the questions; what, when, why, how much, etc....

While the rest of us seem to get bogged down with the trivial, winners seem to sail through life without seeming to break sweat.

How can that be, what is so different between winners and the rest of us?

I believe that I found one of the major answers to that question in the sports pages of the daily mirror just the other day.

I was reading a small article, tucked away on page 55, that was reporting on the win by Novack Djokovic in the Dubai Tennis Championship finals on Saturday.  The focus of the article was that it was the second time Djokovic had beaten Roger Federer in the last month.

Read full article here --- DJOKOVIC IS JUST ACE

The final paragraph of the article read as follows:

“Federer 29 said: “I feel like I need more practice, just a little bit here and there.”

Now this is a man who has won nearly every tournament and accolade that there is to win in the world of tennis.  In his long and illustrious career he must have played in hundreds of tournaments and hit millions of shots in practice.

What was his answer to his defeat? Did he blame the other player, the heat, the cold? Did he make any kind of excuse?

Of course he didn’t, his answer to the problem was to work harder on his game.

To me that one line from Roger Federer sums up what it takes to be a winner.

Finally, do not miss this short Youtube clip showing a fantastic Federer Trick shot, (or is it just a very clever advertising scam?  You decide!!!).
I hope you have enjoyed this post.

Stay Patient

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