Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Well What Are The Odds Of That Happening?

As sports speculators one of the major skills that we are always trying to improve is our ability to work out the chances of an event happening. In other words to be successful we need to train our minds to think in terms of probabilities.

Well as a piece of light relief between the end of Day two of  the Cheltenham festival and the champions league matches later, I thought that I would post this little exercise so as to enable you to keep your minds sharp.

As you watch the following YouTube video, titled battle of the Kruger, try to visualise what odds (I find it beneficial to visualise the Betfair odds screen like the one pictured above) that you would give the young buffalo of surviving its ordeal!

If  you have not watched the video before then I am sure you may be surprised as the events unfold, however with over fifty nine million viewings there is also a good chance that you will have already watched it (I would say a 10% chance).

Anyway pour a drink, pull up a chair and relax for ten minutes while you enjoy what I consider to be a fantastic video.   

I hope you have enjoyed this post.

Stay patient


  1. Great post.....glad this wasn't a Betfair market as I would have lumped on the Lions at 1.01! :-)

  2. Thanks for the comment Mark

    Just for your information;I lost my money backing the crocodiles all the way down to 1.07 :-(


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