Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Trust and Transparancy

In my welcome post of this blog I said the following:

“I view this blog as a long term project that over the years will become a repository of knowledge about all things relating to the markets. I will post any information that I think will be of value to myself and hopefully others.

To me blogging, no matter what the subject, is all about relationships and I believe that the best relationships are based on trust and transparency.

For my blog to last over the long term it is vital that I base it on a foundation of Trust and Transparency, with that in mind I would like to disclose that I will shortly be adding affiliate links and a PayPal donation button to the blog.

My reasons for the above are that if I can find and recommend products or services for my blogs readers, that add real value to their search to become better sports speculators, then I believe it will be fair that I gain a small reward for providing that service.

If any readers would like to purchase a product or service but do not want me to earn affiliate fees for the products and services that I recommend, that will be fine, if you would still like to a acquire them all that you will need to do is Google the name of the product or service and you will be able to purchase it that way.”

With regards to my reasons for the PayPal donate button, I believe that if I provide genuine value with either my tips or writing, then I want to be able to provide a method for people to show their gratitude by making a small financial contribution.

I will be copying this post as an addition to the bottom of my welcome page so that it is easy to find and clearly visible.

I hope you understand the reasons for my actions.

Thanks for reading this far.
Stay Patient

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