Thursday, 31 March 2011

To Make More Profits Let’s Examine The Market!

As I stated in my post introducing My Portfolio Lite:

“I am going to start my portfolio with only free or donation based tipsters.  I will qualify that by saying I will choose a few of my favourite subscription based services to follow on the blog, but they will not be part of my ‘Portfolio Lite’, they will act as a benchmark that I can compare the performance and professionalism of the free tipsters to.”

Well today I am going to unveil who the first subscription based service is that I am going to be following.

The service is called The Market Examiner and the tips are based, as the name of the service indicates, on horses whose pre-race price movements indicate that they may be the subject of a well informed gamble.

Here’s how The Market Examiner describe what they do:

"The Market Examiner is geared around finding British racehorses which are the subject of morning market moves. There are many such moves every day, and the secret is knowing which ones to be on, and which ones not. We only put up selections which fit a number of criteria, which has been fine tuned over several years."

I have followed the progress of the service for a long time. When they started they were called the  Winningafortune blog (now re-named The Market Examiner Blog) and after a few years of providing extremely successful, free (donation based) tips  they moved up to the professional ranks, where their  successful tipping has continued unabated.

My reasons for deciding on choosing them are:

  • As I wrote above I have followed their progress for a long time.

  • The cost of the service is very reasonable at £17 for one month's subscription going down to 13:33 a month if you sign up for a year.

  • The tips are given out by email at a time when I am at the PC posting my eachway tips.

  • They answer all enquiries in a prompt and courteous manner.

  • They give detailed analysis relating to the performance of each days selections on their blog.

The Market Examiner service do have a recommended staking plan based on betting win only,  but I want to try a twist on an eachway staking theme using a calculator that I have devised.( I will write a separate post explaining my staking plan and how the calculator works)

will start to follow the Market Examiners tips from tomorrow, good luck to anyone who follows suit.

I hope you have enjoyed this post.

Stay patient


  1. Great to have you signed up Mark! Really hope we can help deliver you the profits you're after. Will definitely be interested to find out more about your eachway staking theme too.

    If we can keep finding the value we shouldn't need luck, but a little always helps, so good luck to us all.



  2. Hi Sam

    Thanks for taking the time to comment. With the results you have been getting, it was always going to be when, not if I signed up.

    I know you recommend your own staking plan that has been tried and tested but I have been wanting to try my new eachway calculator out for some time now and I think it will work well with your selections.

    Thanks again


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