Friday, 4 March 2011

Quotation Of The Week (A Powerful Lesson!)

This week’s quote of the week is not a famous one, in fact I am probably the only person who remembers it!  That doesn’t however make it any less powerful, indeed it ranks in my top ten favourite gambling quotes of all time.

Before reading the quote I would just like to give a little background information of how I stumbled upon this little gem.  About April time last year I was browsing through the betting and trading  blogsphere when I happened upon a new blog called ‘The Enemy Of Bookies', authored by a young punter called Nadir.

In the comments on one of his posts Nadir asked an experienced punter, who was known by the initials of JM(author of the now deleted blog called 'The Fifty Punter) , if he would teach him the skills needed to be profitable at gambling.
Anyway here’s JM’s reply, which is my quote of the week:

  “I am sorry to say that there is no teaching to win in the long-term..You must work it out yourself by adding a bit of information from some people and evaluating it according to your own plan. Identify your golden rules that should never be broken and work on adding some more and constantly changing the model until you have the instinctive approach to winning. That is the only way.

Sadly the blog has not been updated for quite some time now but JM’s reply makes visiting the blog worth the journey.

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I hope you enjoyed this post

Stay patient

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