Saturday, 26 March 2011

My Portfolio Lite Is Off To A Flier

Well the very first bet and already JERRY'S BEST BETS are having a positive effect on my Portfolio Lite's profit and loss account.

His selection today was Nideeb who was priced at 11/4 at the time he posted this morning. By the start of the race Nideeb was a very warm favourite at an SP of 9/4 and he went on to went on to win the race fairly comfortably adding a profit of £8.60 (1.72 points)to my portfolios overall bank.

Well done Jerry and a big thank you.

One point I will make is; because I am so used to doing my own research for the selections I back, I did find it strange following another’s tips and when the selection won I felt like I had cheated in some way! I suppose I will get used to it though ;-)

Anyway with my selections making a profit today as well, I feel that my portfolio lite is off to a great start and even though it is very early days, I am going into this project with a feeling of quiet confidence.

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I hope you have enjoyed this post.

Stay Patient


  1. Hi Mark,

    A very interesting blog mate and I have enjoyed reading it so far.

    I's nice to see a blogger with a sense of humour!

    I love the protfolio ideas and I am running something similar myself at present witha view to releasing results to members as soon as I see it's producing the goods.

    My approach to trading is similar to your approach in that I patiently for high value opportunities to take marginal postions on a range of swing markets.

    It's the only way to profit in the long term as there is definitely a discernable "edge" to what I do.

    Returns are good.

    I have decided to trial your FREE Each Way Selections to see how you get on and will recommend the read to my members.

    Good luck!

  2. Hi Betfair Guru

    Thanks for taking the time to comment and I really do appreciate you recommending my blog to your members.

    I wish you continued success with your service.

    Thanks again

  3. Thanks mate!

    It's going very well with 270 fully subscribed members and another 100 or so on Trial.

    I'd be happy to chuck you a FREE TRIAL if you were interested?

    Obviously a nice word if you're impressed to your own readers would be much appreciated.

    75% of the selections in the daily email can be automated so you make your money while you do something else and with returns of 100%-200% of stake DAILY, that's a damn fine automation program!!

    Let me know anyway mate!


  4. Hi BFG

    Thanks for your generous offer.

    I will take you up on it, but not just yet if that is OK.

    I want to set up my portfolio's tipsters in a planned way so as not to get overwhelmed.

    I am going to add a few more horse racing specialist, then specialists in other sports and finally trading specialist.

    I am going to follow a few subscription based services to act as a benchmark to compare my 'portfolio lite's ' performance etc against.

    If its OK with you I will contact you when I have reached the stage of adding trading specialists.

    Thanks again.


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