Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Lay The Field Fourteen Day Trial – Day Seven Result

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My Blog post of the week last Monday described a method of laying the whole field in a horse race so that you would profit if at least two horses reached the lay price you set.

Before I start todays round up,  I would just like to thank Scott Ferguson of the Sport is made for betting  blog, for originally posting up this method and bringing it to our attention. 
I was so impressed with the concept that I decided to do a fourteen day trial where I would pick one race a day to put the method into action.

Today was the seventh day that I have had the time to put the method into action and as you can see from the screen shot above, it was a losing day.

I decided to set my lay odds at 1.33 again, so that if I did win I would be paid out at odds of nearly two to one.

I decided that I would try the contrarian view today and take on a sprint race at the all weather course at Southall (14:10). It was a wide open race with 12 runners.

The race was won by Where’s Reiley who ‘hacked up’ winning easily by 4 lengths. Because of the ease of the victory the second placed finisher Incomparable only managed to trade down as low as 7.16 in running.

Trial Summary

Number of bets: 7
Winning bets:3
Strike rate: 43%
Profit/Loss: +£3.58

I hope you enjoyed this post
Stay patient

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