Thursday, 24 March 2011

Introducing The 1st Addition To My Patient Speculation Portfolio Lite

Yesterdays post introduced the concept of my Patient Speculation Portfolio Lite
Today I would like to introduce my first addition to the portfolio. The first free tipster that I am going to include is: JERRY'S BEST BETS

Here in his own words is a description of Jerry’s service:

“Pro-gambler/ trader specializing in flat racing.The daily blog will follow my own personal bets and stakes .The starting bank is 100 pts and the long term target is to reach 500 pts. All bets will start at 1pt each-way, until the betting bank doubles, stakes will then increase by 50%.I operate in uncompetitive non handicap flat races, where I hold mathematical edge.”

For the short time that I have been monitoring Jerry’s service I can report that he is very selective and from what I have seen his bets look to have an extremely profitable edge.

With every service that I follow I will make a decision as to whether to follow their staking plan or use one of my own. The reason that I will not blindly follow a services recommended staking plan is that I believe every sports speculator has their own tolerance of risk and that it is vital for long term profitability to work within those risk tolerances.

However having said all of that I am happy that Jerry’s approach to staking does fall within my risk tolerances, so I will be following his staking plan to the letter.

I will start to follow Jerry’s service as from now and I will set up a bank of £250 pounds which means that my initial stake will be £2.50 each way.

The only potential issue that I can foresee is that Jerry does operate in some of the same races as I do with my free eachway selections, which means that there could be occasions where my portfolio has two selections in one race or where both services pick the same selection thus increasing my liability on that one selection.  Luckily I do have an expert to turn to with regards to these types of issues so I think a comment on The Portfolio Investor blog may be in order!

I do already have a few other services that I am considering adding to my portfolio lite, so hopefully sometime next week I will introduce the next addition.

I hope you enjoyed this post
Stay patient


  1. Good choice Mark!

    Jerry's selections always to me look to be well thought out and researched and having followed his blog for a while, profitable.

    Good luck.

  2. Hi Lonesome

    I agree, Jerry's selections push all the right buttons for me. As you say they are well thought out and also from a time management point of view I will not be swamped with the number of selections.

    Thanks again

  3. Hi Mark,

    I can see your portfolio be very popular with readers. It hold much promise. Jerry knows his horses and is a good addition to lite.

    Keep up the good work.

  4. You require something, m'lud?

  5. Hi Jason

    I think that Jerry's tips will be a good fit with mine and hopefully will show that you do not have to spend a fortune run a profitable portfolio.

    Hi TPI


    I will be calling over at your blog as soon as I get chance.



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