Sunday, 27 March 2011

If You Want To Make A Profit; Find A Good Teacher

As most readers will be aware I am in the process of starting up my Patient Speculation Portfolio Lite
Setting up and running a portfolio of profitable tipsters can be a little daunting, even if like me you are considering using primarily free (donation based) tipsters to start with.

When contemplating setting up my portfolio I realised that not knowing what to do and when to do it can lead to very expensive or time consuming mistakes. So what would be my solution to this potential problem?

Easy really I would just ask an expert. The expert that I decided on is Rowan from the The Portfolio Investor blog. That's him in the picture above ;-)

The purpose of Rowans blog is to chronicle his adventures in the running of his portfolio of tipsters. He lays it all bare, sharing the ups and, probably more importantly, the downs of running his portfolio.

Because of the help Rowan has given to me (and hopefully will continue to give), I am going to install an icon on my side bar that links directly to his blog.  I would encourage anyone considering setting up a portfolio to click on the link and take a look.

The reason for this post is to highlight the fact that I believe that we as sports speculators cannot be experts at every aspect of our chosen pursuit; the broad subject is just far too large. So to me there really is not a lot of choice in the matter, if we want to become successful we will need to reach out from time to time and ask for help.

I know that the above is just good old common sense really, but I never cease to be amazed by the amount of people I see who just refuse to ask for help.

I hope you enjoyed this post

Stay patient


  1. Hi Mark,

    We can all learn something from others - especially in gambling. It is funny how often it is not only horses that wear blinkers. We gamblers are often prone to think we know best in our speciality but it is often those people who are new to racing that find unique angles on what may seem a very worn path. They think outside the box, which is a way of making money because it often proves a winner to go against the crowd. It takes time to trust someone's knowledge but that shouldn't stop us from at least considering others opinions however unusual or different they may seem. You can never tell what they will lead to - a new thought may grow into a winning idea.


  2. Hi Jason

    By starting my Portfolio lite I am hoping to shake the normal thinking about running a portfolio up a little bit. I am starting the whole venture with no preconceived ideas, which I hope will allow me to be as creative as possible.

    However having said all that I do believe that having a mentor or mentors can really save a lot of money and time in setting things up correctly.

    Thanks for your excellent comment mate, think that your comment adds real value to this post.


  3. Right. Let's get a couple of things straight before we go on, shall we?

    First, the bloke in the picture looks nothing like Brad Pitt, and therefore it can't be me!

    Secondly, the scruffy oik hasn't had a shave. Standards, you know, are to be maintained at all times.

    Seriously though, pleased to assist in any way I can. I know there's a couple of things to talk about this week coming and anything else, make a note and send it over.

    Cracking start yesterday, by the way.




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