Sunday, 20 March 2011

Have you ever been struck down by Seconditus?

If you have been involved in sports speculation, particularly betting on horse racing, for any length of time I am sure that you will have contracted either a mild or severe case of Seconditus (also known as Seconditis).

The condition can strike at any time, it is far more widespread than people think and can in extreme cases last for a very long time.

What exactly is secondit(is/us)? Well it is a condition where by most if not all of your long priced selections finish second when you have backed the selections to win only.

The symptoms can range from mild annoyance all the way up to complete mental breakdown for the unfortunate sufferer.

What is the cure for Secondit(us/is) ? There is no cure but the best pain killer to take is to alleviate the symptoms is good sized portion of staking control. If your staking is within manageable limits you may suffer mild symptoms but you will be in control of them. Alternatively you could back eachway however there are only certain bets that offer value by backing eachway (my free eachway tips included in their number), also you then become susceptible to contracting a rarer but nearly as irritating case of the 'Fourths'.

Digging around the blogsphere I have found a couple of high profile albeit mild cases that have been reported:

If you are thinking that the condition cannot get to severe take a look at this set of  real results for an anonymous forum poster:

“19 Selections - 7 runners-up (at 20/1, 20/1, 15/2, 10/1, 16/1, 16/1 & 7/1), and two fallers.
 At least 4 of those have traded at odds on IR (tho only 1 at 1.01 !).”

I hope you have enjoyed this post
Stay patient


  1. Mrk,

    I know about the dreaded 'seconditus' guess we all do from time to time. Interesting article, as alway's. It is a weekly struggle, for me to stick to my mantra "win betting is more profitable then win/place" I find myself saying this quite often. LOL

    All the best!


  2. Hi Jake

    Thanks for the comment mate.

    Yes I agreee, on paper and with hindsight win only betting is more profitable than win/place betting.

    The daily challenge that we as sports speculators have to face is the short term pressures that win only betting can cause, seconditus being one of them.

    Thanks again


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