Thursday, 24 February 2011

Introducing My "Quotation of the week"

No matter how passionate we are about the challenge and potential rewards of speculating in the sports betting markets, by its very nature there will always be times where things do not go our way, also there is no getting away from the fact that ours is, on the whole a lonely pursuit. Little wonder therefore that we can be susceptible to being negatively influenced by the psychological pressures involved.

There are lots of different strategies that we can employ to negate these influences such as joining forums, reading books/blogs and attending courses.

I believe that one of the most powerful strategies to use, is to pick the brains of some of the most brilliant and intuitive individuals that have ever lived.

You may be wondering how we can do that, well it is very simple; we use the power of quotations.

Quotations distil the essence of wisdom from experts in every field of endeavour, they can be used to magnify our focus, motivate us, educate and entertain us.

(For an example of how a quotation can positively influence  your mindset take a look at this post from the The Bankbuilder blog)

Just reading a short quotation can re-energise a weary speculator, motivating them to achieve more, become more disciplined or simply calm them down after they have experienced a particularly nasty shock in the markets.

There will be people reading this article who will be saying; “Here we go, Mark is spouting his motivational clap trap again”.  If that is their attitude that is fine, they need read no further, but for the rest of us though, I will carry on ;-)

I believe that anything that helps sports speculators stay emotionally focused can only be a good thing and should eventually filter down to the results they achieve.

Anyway, I’ve had a think and I have decided that the best way for me to capitalize on the power of quotations is to dedicate a weekly post to them, whereby I intend to start posting a ‘Quotation of the week’ post.

I will only post up one quotation each week, so as to magnify the power of the quotations message through the lens of extreme focus.

I will post the “Quotation of the Week” starting this Friday and then every Friday thereafter, which by the way is not a day I have picked at random, I believe that the maximum impact of the quotation can be achieved by posting it on a Friday, because hopefully its message will still be fresh in our memories at the weekend, which is traditionally the busiest time for most of our speculating (punting/trading) Activities.

I will create a space on my rapidly overcrowding side bar so that the quotation can be accessed throughout the following week. I will also create a new page on the blog to act as an archive for all the quotations.

If anyone has a favourite quotation,  please feel free to post it as a comment.

I hope you enjoyed this post
Stay Patient


  1. Mark,

    It must be stated that you are doing a tremendous job in helping us blogger/punters/traders realize the importance of the psychology of wagering. I believe that EMOTIONAL CONTROL is 90% of winning and losing in any speculative endeavor. How we handle the losing and winning wagers will determine our success or failure. And you, my friend recognize this essential factor,

    All the best.


  2. The safest way to double your money is to fold it over once and put it in your pocket!!

    K Hubbard

  3. Hi Mark,

    Never have regrets in life, but I do wish that when I started gambling properly, I'd had a blog like this to come to!

    THE hardest thing about sports speculation, as far as I am concerned, is developing the mentality required. I think very few have the required mentality when they start out, certainly I didn't. But I also think that those that are/will become successful can develop and learn the mentality required. It's tough to do, but one thing that helps is by "training" your brain to think the way you want it to think. Reading quotes, stories of those with experience and who have made it, constant reaffirmation that what you are doing is all helps create the correct mindset. And this, I really believe, is the difference between being successful, or not.

    What I would add though, is that as soon as you feel you have acquired the correct mindset, that is when the wheels can start to come off. It's a bit like getting fit at the can do all the exercises and get yourself into shape, but stop going to the gym and the results a couple of months down the line aren't pretty! In this context, the 'Archive' idea seems an excellent one - a "go to" place, if you like.

    Looking forward to reading the quote each week!


  4. Jake/Rowan

    Thanks for two fantastic comments.

    The two of you have grasped 100% what I am trying to achieve with this blog.

    I too believe that the hardest skill to learn in sports speculation is to manage our emotions with regard to it.

    I also believe, as you wrote Rowan, that once we have acquired the correct mind set, we cannot relax. It is not a discipline that you can master and forget, I think your analogy of going to the gym is such a good example to convey that message.


    Thanks for the great quote it is probably the best advice of all. LOL

    Thanks again


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