Friday, 4 February 2011

Introducing My Eachway Selections

Following on from yesterdays welcome post, today I am going to give a brief introduction to my each way selections. I have found them to be profitable over a long period of time and I cannot see any reason for the situation to change.

Basically I look for horses that have a very high probability of placing and a fair chance of winning.  It is nearly always better to back the selections each way at normal bookmakers as opposed to the exchanges because the bookmakers each way rules mean that they are forced to offer value on the place part of the bet.  That value on the place part of the bet is the main edge for my selections. I would advise where possible that you use a best odds guaranteed (BOG) bookmaker as the odds on my selections do drift quite regularly. I will endeavour to post the selections before 13:00 each day but I do envisage 11:30 as being the approximate time for posting. 

I will set up a £500 bank for my bets using these selections, I will  use the following staking plan:
I will bet one point on each selection (1/2 a point each way)
Bank      = 100 points (in my case £500)
1 point   = £5 (£2.50 Eachway)
If the bank Doubles: Double stakes
if the bank Halves:   Halve stakes
The beauty of this staking plan is that it keeps things simple, unless the bank doubles or halves my stakes will remain the same. If my selections prove profitable(fingers crossed) then the doubling of my bank will help to compound the profits and if my selections prove unprofitable the halving of my stakes will help to preserve my bank.

I will produce weekly and monthly profit and loss statements showing as many statistics for the bets as possible.

I will give the tips for free but I do plan on adding a ‘Buy me a drink’ PayPal button for anyone who feels that I deserve something for the (hopefully) profitable selections I will be giving. One word of caution if you do bet using big stakes it may be worth splitting your bet between more than one bookmaker because they are well aware of the dangers with this sort of bet and you don’t want to bring your profitable betting to their attention.

I will start posting tomorrow Saturday the 5th of February and will endeavour to post every day from then onwards, even if it is just to say that no selections meet my criteria that day.

If you have any questions please feel free to ask them as a comment.
Stay Patient


  1. Good luck with the blog will be watching with interest

  2. Hey Mark,
    Good to see you back, are you ok to do a blog exchange?
    Cheers Skeeno.

  3. Theuphillbattel

    Thanks for the interest and I will follow your blog.

    Its good to be back and I have added your blog to my blog list.

    good luck


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