Thursday, 17 February 2011

Here’s What I Believe Is The Secret To Success – Become A Student!

Yesterday I found a great post on the Mark Iverson – Professional sports trader blog reviewing a day spent on a betting exchange training course. The post was of such quality that I felt compelled to add a comment giving my views, you can read the post and sub subsequent comments here Centaur Academy

Having had time to digest what was written I have decided to expand on the comment I made in the form of this post.

I think that if you are serious about becoming successful in any endeavour you must become a student of all aspects of that particular discipline. By that I mean that you must immerse yourself in the learning process using every route available whether it is reading books, watching videos, reading blogs, joining forums or taking classes and not forgetting learning by trial and error.

Every avenue has it’s pros and cons, the less interactive approaches such as books and watching videos normally give just one side of an argument whereas they can be revisited again and again.

Joining forums allows the exchange of ideas and you can also revisit what has been written as and when the need arises.

Taking courses allows for a face to face way of learning that provides a forum for a free exchange of ideas and if the organisers have done their job properly there will be some literature to refer back to.

Trial and error will give you real world experience of the actual discipline you are trying to master.

I cannot think of any successful person who has not been involved in all of the above types of learning.

Mark the author of the post wrote about the cost of courses that can be a few hundred pounds or more. To me if you have done your research about the course and think that it may help you to progress then you should pay the price, you may come away from the course and think that on the face of it you have not learnt a lot for your money regarding the technical aspects of trading, but the hidden benefits from all of the interaction with others could, in the long run, be worth a lot more than the price of the course.

I am not trying to plug courses but my opinion is that one of the greatest advantages of this type of learning is that you actually meet like minded individuals who are on the course and probably have the same hopes, dreams and doubts as you do.

I also think that trading can be a very lonely pastime and this can be mitigated slightly by actually meeting your peers, which helps to let you know that you are not alone in what you are trying to achieve.

I am not saying that there is one definitive best way to learn but I do believe that if you are serious about becoming profitable you should use all of the above methods to some degree.

I believe that the bottom line is that if you are passionate about becoming successful  in your chosen discipline , let’s say trading sports on the exchanges for example, you will be prepared to pay whatever it costs in terms of both money and effort to achieve your goal. One thing is for sure and that is if you are not prepared to pay the costs involved in becoming successful there will be others who will and it is my opinion that they stand a better chance of achieving their goals.

If you are still not convinced by my argument, I would ask you to think of the people that you look up to in the sports trading world (or in any other field for that matter) and I would say that it is a 1000/1 on chance that the person concerned is prepared to pay the price to succeed, they would read that new book, they would go on that course, they would be trying to constantly improve, they are in fact a student!!!!

I hope you enjoyed this post
Stay Patient


  1. Hi Mark,

    Interesting looking blog and will follow with interest.
    Thanks for the link and have reciprocated :)
    Wishing you every success!

  2. Another great post, Mark.

    To succeed as profitable gamblers we need to be very disciplined students. Learning for life, to steal a phrase. It is important to take onboard new thoughts and ideas to improve. But what I have learned from past experience is that it is crucial to take tiny steps rather than giant leaps because it is all too easy to lose focus or forget what you have worked so hard to understand - don't be so quick to throw that away. The foundation to your gambling - whatever that may be - should always be respected. So, there is no doubt that learning is part and parcel of every gambler's journey but we also have to respect the implications of such change. That is the problem of so much to do with succeeding as a gambler - that so much is a paradox. My learning has been shared with my twin brother who has always been a revelation. We have always worked as a team. Before I started blogging I rarely talked about my thoughts regarding what I do or what I have learned because it was like talking to a brick wall or people simply didn't understand or took the stereotypical view that all people who bet are 'mug punters'. Blogging has certainly given me the chance to learn from successful people. I mean successful in what they say as much as what they have achieved financially - because people often say something quite innocent but it is priceless. I agree that all forms of learning are worth the price if they help push forward our goals. But it is also very important to be true to yourself - a maverick in ways - because that difference is often the very thing the masses are searching for but will never hold.


  3. Hi Anthony

    Thanks for the comment and support.

    Hi Jason

    Thanks for taking the time to post such a thought provoking comment, I agree with all that you have written but would like to add that in my mind gambling is no different to any other field of endeavour, where by we will only become successful if we learn what I call the foundation skills such as discipline, patience,courage, open mindedness, a thirst for knowledge,the ability to take action to name but a few.
    It does not matter how technically gifted a person is if they cannot master the foundation skills then I believe the will not succeed.

    Thanks again



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