Sunday, 20 February 2011

Golden Rules For Today's Sports Traders From 1907

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I believe the majority the Dickenson G Watts rules of a successful speculator are just as pertinent to today's sports trading markets as they were to the stock market in 1907.

My particular favourite is rule number nine, where the author writes the following:

" I have written to little purpose unless I have left the impression that the fundamental principle that lies at the base of all speculation is this: Act so as to keep the mind clear, its judgement trustworthy. A reserve force should therefore be maintained and kept for supreme moments, when the full strength of the whole man should be put on the stroke delivered"

Some sports traders reading this post may be of the opinion that the rules are really only applicable to financial trading and are too old fashioned being out dated for todays sports markets,  but as Jim Rohn  considered a one of Americas leading  “Business Philosophers” was fond of saying: 

“There are no new fundamentals. Truth is not new, it’s old. You’ve got to be a little suspicious of the guy who says, ‘come over here, I want to show you my manufactured antiques!’ No, you can’t manufacture antiques.”

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Stay Patient

I found the rules at the the blog of financial author Micheal Covel click on the link below to visit his blog:
 1907 Stock Market Wisdom: Trend Trading Never Dies


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  2. Hi Mark,

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  3. Excellent post, I love reading this kind of stuff, I'm always searching for ways of improving my method. I have to admit that I do lose the run of myself from time to time (too often if the truth be known)but having recourse to a list of do's and don'ts can pre-empt the danger of lapsing into chasing mode (not easy when the chase gene has been fully activated). Thanks for digging out this piece of philosophical gold, if that's the right expression.



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