Monday, 21 February 2011

And The Blog Post Award Trophy Goes To......

Today I am going to start a new idea on my blog called 'Blog Post award'

I am sure you have guessed what will be involved, but before I go into detail I would like to just give a little background to the idea.

One of my favourite blogs called High Class Equine (HCE) has started a new initiative called 'Walking the blogs' whereby any blogger on their 'walking the list' can showcase what their blog is about to all of HCE's Readers. Luckily the first blogger to take up their offer was a guy called Rowan who runs an excellent blog called The Portfolio Investor . I was intrigued to read what Rowan had to say because I am very interested in the portfolio approach to betting.(Meaning you follow a group of different tipsters using the logic that if they all have an edge, your betting can be more like investing rather than gambling)

I found the post a fascinating read, if you would like to read the post to get a flavour of what it is all about click on this link:  Walking The Blogs: The Portfolio Investor

I thought that the above was a great idea and it got me thinking of how I could showcase different bloggers who I think deserve to be read by a wider audience. At first I could not think of a way of adding value for my blogs readers, so I wrote the idea down on my todo list for future reference.

Well I did not have to wait long to find a way to add what I consider will be great value for my blogs readers.

I was reading a post on a  new blog called 'The Bank builder'.

Jake, the blog owner, posted a quote by the legendary gambler and horse owner J P McManus,

"Racing is a great leveller. The day you think you have mastered the game, you will be made to pay for it the following day.What you must do is build up a bank of experience that allows you to reduce and eliminate as far as possible the factors that make for foolish betting. In a word, you act to strict ground rules always and you endeavour to become an investor rather than a pure addictive gambler..."

The quote in itself is a great read but what I really liked about the post was that Jake then went on to break the quote down into a checklist of 10 items that he believes is required for successful race track speculation.

I was so impressed with the list that I felt compelled to comment and I have bookmarked the page so that I can refer back to it on a regular basis.

That is when I realised how I could showcase different blogs to my readers which will hopefully gain extra readership for the blogger and add value for my blogs readers.

The idea is simple: Every time I find a blog post (new or old) that I think will add value for my readers, I will bookmark it and put it on the list to be my Blog Post Award.

What I plan to do is add an icon near the top of my home page that links to the 'blog post of the week'. I will change the post on a Monday and leave the link up until the following Monday,when I will choose another post to link to.

Anyway I have rambled on long enough and all that remains to say is that the following is my very first 'Blog post Award' winner :   The Bankbuilder A Quote...and it's meaning

I hope you have enjoyed this post

Stay Patient


  1. Your Blog is really taking shape and is becoming a "must visit" for the variety and excellence of your posts, plus the selections of course! Keep up the good work Mark.

  2. Thank you Mark,

    It is quite an honor to be selected as the initial blog post of the week on your fine site.
    I really believe in these rules (guidelines)as the key to a successful wagering campaign in the long-term.

    I wish much success to all the fine blogs out there..continued success!



  3. Hi Mark,

    I like the Blog Post of the Week Award. There are so many good posts that pop up they need to be highlighted and this is a great way of doing just that. That is why I have so many categories on my blog, to make finding a post a little easier as they tend to get lost in the archive, which is a shame.


  4. Hi Jason

    Thanks for feedback if it was not for your walking the blogs idea I never would have thought of doing this. When I originally started my blog I wrote the following in my welcome post:

    "I view this blog as a long term project that over the years will become a repository of knowledge about all things relating to the markets"

    So with all of the quality information being published every day by other bloggers out there, it is a must for me to archive as much as possible, 'blog post of the week' should help me to do just that.

    Hi Jake

    I'm pleased that you appreciate me showcasing your work on my blog, one things for sure and that is I will be dropping in regularly to see what other nuggets of quality information that you are prepared to share.


    Thank for your words of encouragement mate. I'm pleased that you have enjoyed the read so far(and the tips;-) )



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